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Social Services - Child Abuse & Neglect Reporting

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1. What is considered maltreatment/neglect?
2. What is considered abuse?
3. How do I report abuse or neglect?
4. What is a Mandated Reporter?
5. How can I get Mandated Reporter Training?

Social Services - Financial Assistance Programs

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1. Is there financial assistance available for Non-parent caregivers (Grandparents, Other Relatives, friends)?

Social Services - Services for Children, Families and Adults

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1. Do I have to own my own home to be a Foster Parent?
2. Can I work and still be a Foster Parent?
3. How old do I have to be to become a Foster Parent?
4. Does my spouse have to participate in the process to become a Foster Parent?
5. Who are the children requiring foster care?
6. Can I choose the age, sex, race and number of children I want to provide foster care to?
7. Do foster children need to have their own rooms?
8. Does foster care lead to adoption?
9. If I foster a child do I have to let biological parents visit in my home?
10. How much do I get paid for Foster Parenting?
11. What supports are available for Foster Parents?
12. How long does it take to be certified as a Foster Parent?
13. What children are waiting for adoption?
14. What are special needs?
15. What if I don't have the financial means to adopt a special needs child?
16. What if I want to adopt a baby?
17. What if I want to adopt a foreign child?
18. How do I get started in the Foster Parent process?
19. What if I want a Homestudy done so I can adopt privately?
20. What is involved in an Agency Homestudy?
21. Can I become a Foster Parent and then adopt the child in my home?
22. What if I adopt a child and months or year later I have a problem that I cannot handle?
23. How can I find out information about my biological family?